T&C’s of the Installation of a 4G installation
If you prefer to have a site survey done before installation to see what you will get on EE and Three or Vodafone before installation this can be done for £85+VAT.

If we demonstrate a fast connection during a site survey and we have organised an install the process is simple. We book a date and it is then confirmed by you.

An estimate is sent out and whilst not a quotation unless changes are made from the site survey, the estimate stands as a quotation only based on what is provided below a standard install
If an installation is done without a site survey, then an estimate is best estimated based on what is provided below a standard install.

Standard install consists of
• The SXT kit or The LHG Kit with TPLink 1200AC or Ubiquiti airCube Home WiFi Access Point ISP (AC version+£50 extra)
• Wall pole (if required)
• Installation
• Safe single ladder access
• 2 screw fixings, direct attachment to external wall
• Brick/concrete/ semi-hard stone
• Accessible by standard non 4×4 vehicle
• Engineer 3 Hours.
• Best Signal Antenna placement.
• Up to 25m of outdoor ethernet cable (PoE)

A minimum speed of 15MB/s (more than the BDUK standard of 10MB/s)
You must inform us before installation if there are any issues relating to the location of the antenna
e.g. aesthetics, listed building, conservation area or any other restrictions. This will affect the estimate.

Installation does not include, but we will help with, with an additional charge.

  • Installing distribution cabling inside your property, (unless we are installing a Home Wifi system)
  • Reprogramming computers, digital TVs, or radios
  • Reconfiguring existing WiFi or network devices (unless we are installing a Home Wifi system)
  • Rewiring fibre, ethernet, or electrical circuits
  • Getting WiFi from our termination point to other rooms in your property (unless we are installing a Home Wifi system)
  • Reducing or removing trees or vegetation to improve a 4G signal unless agreed on a site survey and an estimate given reflected this.

If an installation takes over 3 hours on-site, which occasionally happens when a Site survey was not ordered, then an additional charge of £80 + VAT applies per hour applies).
If we demonstrate a satisfactory service a 4G Network, and a previous site survey was not booked (this is a speed of 15MB/s D/L and/or 2MB/s U/L, which is very unusual) or deem the placement of the equipment is not acceptable on the agreed installation date then a fee of £125 + VAT is chargeable for any eligible costs. This also applies to our inability to contact residents of the property on the agreed install date as a cancellation charge or a position of the antenna cannot be agreed upon.

This also works the other way. If our mapping has been incorrect and we can’t find a satisfactory service cancel the order at no charge to you. We do not target our Outdoor 4G Routers/Antennas towards masts such as into towns or masts that get busy in holiday seasonal areas the traffic becomes unreliably “crowded”. We will find the masts in rural areas to make this possible for everyone.

You may cancel the agreed and specific contract within 14 days before the scheduled commencement of work without penalty.
In the case of a contract that has been completed, with your full consent within the cancellation period, you have the right to cancel within the cancellation period, and return the goods supplied but will be liable to pay for, or receive no reimbursement for, the service elements of the contract. There will also be an additional charge of £125 + VAT for a revisit to take the equipment down.

Although the indoor router has a very high specification, the Wi-Fi capability you must be aware that broadband and Wi-Fi are separate and if you have specific Wi-Fi requirements then you must make us aware of what you need as this may require additional equipment. However, this can be either done during a site survey or after a revisited once we have an agreed specification and costs moving forward on how this is done. (Please see our Ethernet and Wi-Fi Solutions and Setting up existing equipment to a new network) for details.


We will always provide support after Installation. All installations are under a cloud where we can look remotely at any issues you are having whether this is a 4G Home Installation, or a Ubiquiti Home and Business Installation.

On a 4G installation, South West Mobile Broadband is not the Internet Service Provider (ISP). 99% of issues are down to 4G mast being temporarily down due to maintenance upgrades, or damage to the mast through external factors such as bad weather conditions, and you must contact your ISP as we are not the account holder and cannot contact them on your behalf.

Because our products are on the cloud, we can still see if the equipment is working correctly (the equipment still sees the signals from the mast, even when it is not transmitting). So rest assured we can quickly get to the route cause of the problem. If both are working, on occasions with EE and others they have to “reset” the SIM card.

South West Mobile Broadband Ltd provide a warranty for the SXT/LTE kit and any access points or switches provided and installation for 12 months. South West Mobile Broadband Ltd is not responsible for the network provider (ISP) or problems with pre-existing or post purchased equipment, such as Wifi Repeaters/Mesh systems or Windows/Apple updates on old PC/tablets. South West Mobile Broadband Ltd can help, but a chargeable for a site visit if the problem ends up being something not caused by SWMB’s kit or installation or the way 4G works (no fixed IP address).