South West Mobile Broadband unfortunately is not your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Over 95% of problems are due to masts going down to maintenance issues or errors on their network. 

Here is some information that can help you.

EE Technical support on 08009566000

However, there is some good news. South West Mobile Broadband Ltd fits a cloud service to all SXT/LHG kit equipment and Ubiquiti equipment.

This means we can log in remotely and see if there are any problems with the actual equipment.

Even on our 4G outdoor routers, they still pick up a 4G signal, even when the mast is not transmitting including the mast cell ID number, or as a last resort reboot the equipment remotely too.

Also, 4G works on Carrier-Grade NAT which means your external IP address is not the fixed IP addresses you see on landlines. Every time you connect to the internet via mobile phones or you switch our equipment on and off, you have a different IP address (although fixed IP sim cards are available but very expensive). It is why the reason some people experience dropouts on some traditional 4G Routers as the IP address according to the mobile network provider, has been connected to the mast for a long time, (i.e it hasn’t changed) and if experiencing heavy traffic can result in a dropout. However, we have coded a way around this, in the equipment router itself.


We will always provide support after Installation. All installations are under a cloud where we can look remotely at any issues you are having whether this is a 4G Home Installation, or a Ubiquiti Home and Business Installation.

Please call us on 01932 349120 option 2, or at