Do you have more than one building that you need to have broadband in? We can provide Point to Point Wifi or even Multi-Point to Point Wifi (Wifi from one source, the main building, to a multiple number of buildings). So if you are a business and need wifi in your warehouse, a small business from home and need wifi in the office or annex, or even Wifi from your home to your holiday lettings by using Point to Point technology we can do this wirelessly.

We then use the internal Ubiquiti access points to provide the Wifi to the other building either on your own network, or a GUEST network, which can be chargeable to guests( or free), as they do in some hotels.

You can also cap the speeds (and total data allowance) of each wireless access point in the home, or for example to holiday lettings, so the total internet speeds and data used,  can be shared fairly shared responsibly