Imagine having the freedom to move around your property and always being connected to the strongest WiFi signal, wirelessly connect wifi to another building, and even outdoor wifi all on the same wifi network!

Now you have faster Broadband whether it is 4G or FTTP, then we need to spread Wifi effectively to achieve the fastest speeds possible. Powerline adaptors are a very simple solution but are often slowed down by old wiring in the house, electrical interference (from fridge freezers, etc), low throughput.

Access point technology gets around all these problems. We have an arrangement of access points to suit all needs from simple thick internal walls installations to large offices and hotels. You can have guest wifi for holiday lettings, see how much data is being used, by any device at any time. This is very important if your data is capped. Plus having it on a cloud-based system,  you can see everything that is going on anywhere in the world including your CCTV.

So, what we’ve started implementing to solve these issues is a wireless product called Unifi by Ubiquiti Networks. It is a solution for enterprise-grade indoor/outdoor wireless products without the enterprise price tag! And they have centrally managed from a cloud-based wireless controller.

The controller allows you to:
• Centrally manage all your access points in one location.
• Create one wireless network that all your access points are grouped in
• See who is using the Wi-Fi at any given time and you have the ability to block or disconnect users.
• Users can roam from one access point to another without reconnecting to the Wifi and re-entering in a password.
• You can create a guest network, like at an airport, where you can monetize access to your Wifi.
• You can easily expand coverage to areas that have dead spots by inserting another inexpensive plug-and-play access point into the network.
• You can create wifi to wifi points between buildings without losing speed.
• You can give yourself outdoor wifi in really hard-to-reach areas or use your phone without using your mobile phone data.

It is quite simply is the best system out there.


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