Businesses and residents in Cornwall can apply for the SuperFast Cornwall scheme. South West Mobile Broadband Ltd are a supplier of 4G Broadband as an alternative to slow FTTC/ADSL connections.

For residents, the download speeds but be less than 15MB/s and no FTTP coming to the property for 12 months.

Grants for residents are up to £1700 per postal address, which covers the cost of the equipment and installation.

Any business which has a speed of under 30MB/s or can at least double there speeds with an alternative solution can also receive up to £3500 towards the cost of the solution.

Most speed checks can be found here for your home or business, but it is only a guide. Superfast Cornwall does accept three, speed tests during the day/evening to suggest otherwise.

A grant application is then sent out to you, and normally takes 5 days for approval. Once the invoice is paid, you will be able to claim back all funds spent (up to £1700) which is  in your bank account within 10 working days.

For the Devon and Somerset areas, there will be an announcement within the next few weeks


*pending completion of our re-registration*