South West Mobile Broadband Ltd is a specialist 4G mobile broadband supplier for Devon, Somerset, and Cornwall, and is a registered supplier on the “Buy with Confidence” supplier for the Devon and Somerset area as well as the Superfast Cornwall Scheme (which is an essentially free installation for landline speeds under 15MB/s).

We use 4G internet access using the existing mobile data networks for the South West area, even when you are not in a phone signal or 4G area.

Our Hi-Tech 4G equipment, typically gets at least 20MB-150MB/s download speeds and upload speeds of up to 50MB/s depending on location to the 4G mast, type of 4G mast, and the best network provider for you depending on speeds and location of your property to the 4G mast.


On 4G (LTE- Long Term Evolution) technology, we can get you fast rural broadband from almost anywhere, sometimes where others can’t. Selecting the right equipment is paramount and correct and careful installations and positioning of the equipment will determine the speeds you will get.

Booking a site survey (which takes 2 to 3 hours and uses all networks and different lines of sights from your home to a 4G mast) is highly recommended before installation, to determine ongoing speeds and costs to you moving forward, as whichever network provider you choose will be your ISP.

Lining up correctly the antenna to the position and direction of the mast is paramount, and for optimal speeds is much more important than “Signal Strength”, as it is the Quality of Signal from the mast to your property, that will optimise your overall speeds and performance.


The SXT Kit is an Outdoor router and antenna in one. It increases your signal strength, which is very important but also the quality of the signal too, which in fact is the most important reading. The better the quality, from the mast, the higher the speeds will be. The SXT Kit does this as it’s positioned in the best position on the outside of your home.

The bottom line is it’s small (14mm in diameter). A gain of 9dBi can be mounted anywhere and is ideal for grade II listed building too.

It is cloud-based too. We can tell if you are online or not, and what the mast signal strength is like, and deal with any technical support remotely.

This is then connected to your Indoor Router or Access Point with one outdoor ethernet cable and can also be positioned anywhere indoors, unlike a landline Router. You can have one or more access points in your home (see Home Wifi) for solutions in giving you more powerful Wifi indoors.


For customers with a poor line of sight to the mast or customers who are located over 3-5km from the mast, an Outdoor 4G Router is still used similar to the SXT Kit but a stronger antenna (17dBi gain) is used. This enables us to improve the quality of weaker 4G signals to get a stronger signal with the stronger antenna amplification. For more information please go to We Chose the Best Equipment.

The indoor access point is supplied and is still powered and connected by ONE Ethernet cable as with the SXT Kit and is also cloud supported for online support.

Both SXT and LHG Kits (we have been installing since 2018) has the 4G Router in the antenna and using one outdoor ethernet cable to the indoor router/ access point making 4G Broadband faster and accessible than ever before No gain is lost and up to 100m of outdoor ethernet cable can be used.

In traditional systems which use a separate indoor 4G router and outdoor antenna, you are restricted to 5m of cable, because the loss of gain of the antenna increases dramatically over this length.


South West Mobile Broadband will have mapped your address before the site survey and are confident that we can provide a robust connection.

However, to know what you are going to need equipment-wise, and on which networks are possible. A site survey is often essential. This often takes two to three hours to get you the right system and the right network depending on your property’s location and will give you the speeds too. This is extremely important for your ongoing costs.

We will certainly try and place our equipment in your desired location but if that is not possible our installation team may have to check several locations on your property for the best 4G reception during the site survey before proceeding.

Normally our installs take are about three hours after a site survey ensuring you the best quality install. If however, it is clear very quickly that a site survey is simple, we will install it at the same time.


The installation consists of the placement of an outdoor 4G router/antenna and an internal access point that needs placement near a power socket and connected via an outdoor ethernet cable

Our engineers are trained to find the best signal and work with you for the best placement of the equipment, to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

South West Mobile Broadband Ltd is also on the Trading Standards for Buy with confidence for Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset giving you peace of mind.

To book a site survey (which is £100 incl VAT) you can do it here and select Book a Survey.

For more information about Cornwall Superfast Scheme and Connecting Devon and Somerset’s Mobile Booster Voucher Scheme saving significant costs or even Free equipment and installations click here